A nationally exhibiting contemporary artist, creating human scale ‘Living’ sculptural installations with an absence of visible signs of technology. Living and working in the West Midlands and beyond, Halina is a Visual Arts graduate from Birmingham School of Art (2016) and a New Art West Midlands 2017 Award Winner.

The invisible presence of how we sense and connect with the world is what drives my practice. Experiential in nature, my work plays out sensory non-verbal languages in response to your presence. I intend to make visible, thresholds between all life, seeking answers through intuitive processes and research. In morphing and crossing these boundaries there becomes an indistinctness between all life. It is with those ideas I create responsive environments.

Recent work augments and embodies our unthinking emotional and physical responses to boundaries of interpersonal space. Powerless to control our instinctive reactions, bound by our wild nature. Materials mimic the look and feel of human skin, tacitly playing with our sensory perceptions.